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EduCare is the world’s largest platform where K-12 schools, international students, and recruitment partners may connect seamlessly. EduCare is the “Yelp” of the education industry.

During the past two decades students and schools have relied on agencies and their antiquated dynamics for evaluation, recruitment, and application process. Students were constrained by access to stale information regarding schools provided through these agencies. An enormous amount of effort and time was required to evaluate data from multiple schools throughout the application process.

Schools did not have efficient marketing campaigns and channels through which to pursue the most qualified and desired student candidates. Agencies shouldered onerous labor costs to provide often outdated information which in turn they passed on to parents. The combination of all these dynamics left all parties dissatisfied.

EduCare provides a comprehensive integrated digital experience combining fresh school data with a seamless application process delivered through a web platform. EduCare utilizes proprietary Artificial Intelligence (Al) on Mobile Application to deliver supervision data and analytics at a greatly reduced labor cost while improving real-time communication efficiencies, service quality, school’s marketing leverage, and the student/parent experiences.

Through our 10+ years of direct K-12 international educational experience, the EduCare team has identified serious challenges within the education system and the solutions to secure an exceptional experience for all stakeholders.

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